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Ref no: ORU 2.1.1- 00605/2021

We are looking for a professor for a permanent position in neurosurgery at the School of medical science.

Subject area

The subject area for the position is medical science with a specialisation in neurosurgery.


The Faculty of Medicine and Health at Örebro University is a thriving young faculty. Örebro University was granted degree-awarding powers for medical training, in the form of the Degree of Master of Science in Medicine, in the spring 2010 and its programme in medicine is now well-established. Intense efforts for further development of the programme are underway at the same time as preparations are made for the introduction of the new six-year programme in medicine, leading to a licence to practise, in the autumn 2021. Parallel to this, research is being developed both within biomedical basic sciences and clinical research in many instances through close collaboration between the two. The development of clinical research is also pursued in close collaboration between the university and Region Örebro County, within the scope of a regional agreement on funding for medical training and research (ALF).

Neuro and trauma care are prioritised areas of development at Örebro University Hospital (USÖ) and the continued expansion of neurosurgical activities are viewed as strategically significant. In 2021, a neurointervention resource will be established at USÖ, enabling comprehensive care at the acute stage of cerebrovascular disease. The trauma organisation is developing in close collaboration between a number of disciplines.

To facilitate the continued expansion of neuroscience research, neuro and trauma care, as well as the medical school in Örebro, Örebro University is now looking for a professor of medical science with a specialisation in neurosurgery.

Duties and responsibilities

As a rule, a professor at Örebro University spends the bulk of their working hours on research. They are also expected to work actively to bring in external research grants to the subject, take overall responsibility for its research activities, and monitor developments within the subject field internationally. A professor is expected to be involved at all three levels of higher education and to communicate and collaborate around their own and the departments research activities.

A professor is moreover expected, within the scope of their employment, to make themselves available for executive and administrative assignments at the university.

As research leader, the position holder is expected help shape the neurosurgery and trauma activities at the University Hospital, and to actively lead and participate in national and international research collaboration. Moreover, the position holder is expected to contribute to the long-term development of the Programme of Medicine as well as to the development of the doctoral programme. On the Programme of Medicine, as well as on other study programmes offered by the faculty, the position holder is expected to contribute to the teaching of basic as well as clinical neuroscience. The position is a combined appointment with Region Örebro County and includes duties as consultant neurosurgeon at USÖ.


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise is qualified for employment as a professor.

A general eligibility criterion for permanent teaching positions at Örebro University is that the applicant has completed courses on teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to 10 weeks. Knowledge and skills equivalent to such courses may also be assessed to establish whether these provide eligibility. This assessment will be made by Örebro University. For appointment as professor, the applicant must also have completed courses on doctoral supervision. A professor who at the time of appointment does not meet these criteria must complete the required courses no later than within two years of taking up the position.

As the appointment is combined with duties as a consultant neurosurgeon, specialist competence and good qualifications and experience within the discipline are required. For clinical duties as neurosurgeon, the successful candidate must have a Swedish licence to practise medicine. Alternatively, if they do not have such a licence at the time of appointment, they must apply for one no later than within two years of taking up the position.

Assessment criteria

When appointing a professor, both the applicants research expertise and their teaching expertise will be assessed, and as much attention is to be given to the applicants teaching expertise as to their research expertise. The assessment is also to consider the applicants qualifications and experience from collaboration with the wider community, of which the university is a part, as well as national and international experience and mobility. In addition, the applicants suitability for the position and their leadership skills will be assessed. Suitability refers to the applicant demonstrating the personal qualities required to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities at hand; to be able to cooperate with other members of staff; and to contribute to the development of university operations.

Research expertise

The applicants research expertise will be assessed based on their national and international standing and recognition in the research community. Research expertise is demonstrated through independent research contributions. Recognition is also demonstrated by means of the applicants ability to lead and develop research, as well as of them being the principal supervisor of at least two doctoral students, seeing them through to their thesis defence, or of equivalent competence. Research expertise also encompasses being the principal researcher of projects with research grants that have been secured in competition with others and holding positions of trust in academia.

Additional assessment criteria for research expertise:

Teaching expertise

When defining teaching expertise at Örebro University, three categories are used: teaching approach, how the teaching approach is put into practice, and professional development as a teacher. The applicants teaching qualifications are therefore to be documented accordingly and in compliance with Örebro Universitys template for teaching portfolios, relating clearly to the values set out in Örebro Universitys educational philosophy.

The applicants teaching expertise will be assessed in terms of the width and scope of various methods and teaching modes applied at the bachelors, masters and/or doctoral levels, including experience of individual supervision at different levels, in addition to the supervision of doctoral students.

Moreover, the ability to develop, plan, execute and evaluate modes of teaching and examination, and to contribute to educational development, such as preparing teaching materials, textbooks and/or steering documents relating to teaching will be assessed, as will the ability to maintain a scientific approach in teaching.

Additional assessment criteria for teaching expertise:

Collaborative skills

The applicants collaborative skills will be assessed in terms of the width and scope of the cooperation and/or collaboration undertaken, internationally as well as nationally, within academia and with the wider community.

Leadership skills

Applicants leadership and administrative skills will be assessed in terms of the scope and width of their qualifications and experience from leadership roles and/or academic assignments within education and research.

Clinical expertise

When assessing clinical expertise, formal qualifications such as obtained specialist competence and any sub-specialisations are to be assessed. In addition, clinical expertise will be assessed based on the account provided by the applicant of their clinical work, areas of responsibility, development work within their department, and of any management assignments at different levels within healthcare. Moreover, the applicants experience of clinical supervision at different levels will be assessed. Experience of development or quality assurance efforts at a local, regional, or national level, as well as expert assignments in their capacity as a member of a professional organisation for government agencies or other organisations, nationally and internationally, will also be assessed.

Other assessment criteria
The development of the medical care offered at Örebro University Hospital is a responsibility shared by the university and Region Örebro County. A major focus in the overall assessment will therefore be on the applicants clinical competence profiles.

The general assessment criteria include the ability to communicate; to collaborate with the wider community; to pursue putting the universitys research into practical use for the benefit of society, as well as to collaborate with other members of staff and contribute to the development of university operations. Experience of leadership within education and research is an advantage, as is a demonstrated ability to lead organisations and staff, and to organise and lead research projects, research teams and/or study programmes.

The applicant is also expected to have been the principal supervisor of two doctoral students who have defended their thesis, or to have the equivalent competence, for example international experience as supervisor at the doctoral level.


This is a permanent full-time position. At Örebro University, salary depends on the successful candidates qualifications and experience.

For more information about the position, contact:
Head of School Martin Gunnarsson, School of Medical Sciences, tel: +46 19 30 31 10, email: or Dean Mia von Euler, Faculty of Medicine and Health, tel: +46 19 30 35 09, For information from Region Örebro County, contact Mats G Karlsson, email:

At Örebro University, we expect each member of staff to be open to development and change; take responsibility for their work and performance; demonstrate a keen interest in collaboration and contribute to development; as well as to show respect for others by adopting a constructive and professional approach.

Örebro University actively pursues an equal work environment and values the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.


The application is made online. Click the button Apply to begin the application procedure.

For the application to be complete, the following electronic documents must be included:

  • Covering letter, outlining how you believe you can contribute to the continued development of Örebro University
  • CV with a relevant description of your overall qualifications and experience
  • Teaching portfolio (as instructed in Örebro University's guidelines)
  • Research portfolio
  • Publication list
  • Relevant scientific publications (maximum of 10 and in full-text format)
  • Copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references verifying eligibility and criteria met

Only documents written in Swedish, English, Norwegian and Danish can be reviewed.

The application deadline is 2021-04-30. We look forward to receiving your application!

After the application deadline, no supplements can be made electronically. If you have scientific publications that cannot be attached electronically to the application, you will, once the external experts have been appointed, receive instructions on how the missing publications can be submitted.

We decline any contact with advertisers or recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.

As directed by the National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet), we are required to deposit one file copy of the application documents, excluding publications, for a period of two years after the appointment decision has gained legal force.

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