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The Region Örebro County Orthopaedic Clinic has entered into an inspiring and innovational phase in its development and we are now looking for specialists/consultants for our four units.


Acute Care and Trauma Unit

At the Acute Care and Trauma Unit we perform fracture repair procedures on all parts of the musculoskeletal system, including pelvic fractures and joint fractures of the upper and lower extremities. There has been a tangible increase in multi-trauma in recent years and around 25 pelvic fracture procedures are performed annually. Patients with more complex fractures and multi-trauma patients undergo surgery in Örebro, periprosthetic fracture procedures with revision arthroplasty requirements are performed in Lindesberg, and more basic fractures and shoulder fracture procedures are performed in Karlskoga.


Spine Section

Spinal surgery at Örebro University Hospital has developed from within the county healthcare system with a focus on degenerative lumbar surgery through to elective and advanced acute spinal surgery from the base of the skull to the coccyx. Since 2016, the scope of our work has expanded and we currently offer a complete range of spinal surgery procedures. We perform approximately 400 operations each year and the number is gradually increasing, particularly within advanced surgery and trauma surgery. We also perform deformity surgery with a focus on deformities in adults and adolescents.


Arthroplasty Unit

Activities at the Arthroplasty Unit are centred at Lindesberg Hospital. At present, 10 orthopaedic specialists work at the Unit and for the majority of the time there are 2-3 residents. We work extensively with primary knee and hip replacement procedures. We also perform advanced revision surgery and deal with arthroplasty-related complications.


Shoulder and Knee Soft Tissue Unit

The Shoulder and Knee Soft Tissue Unit is a small unit with a highly motivated team and the prerequisites to realise our far-reaching ambitions. Housed in newly built, ultramodern operating theatres at Karlskoga Hospital, we perform everything from basic knee arthroscopy to advanced ligament instability procedures and ACL reconstruction, including revision. The Unit currently has five specialists and two residents. There are very good research opportunities.


Qualifications for specialists and consultants

Registered medical practitioner with specialist training in orthopaedics. You are interested in clinical development and improvement and you have the ability to work independently. We value good team skills, creativity, and holistic thinking. There is a considerable emphasis on personal suitability. A part-time position could be considered if requested.


Research experience is a merit and there is good potential for clinical research. An appointee who has recently taken a PhD could, if requested, take up a post-doc position on a half-time basis for 4-5 years with the aim of becoming associate professor. For an appointee with research training, or who is already an associate professor, there is considerable scope for gaining further research qualifications, e.g. by acting as a supervisor.


Form of employment

Permanent full-time position


Starting date

By agreement



Ewald Ornstein, Head of Department

Telephone: +46196022210


Bjarne Lund-Petersen, Assistant Head of department

Telephone: +46196025305


Per Wretenberg, Professor

Telephone: +46196021007


Evelina Pantzar-Castilla, Specialist

Telephone: +46196027322


Frederik Berstad Möse, Specialist

Telephone: +46196020227


Trade union representative

Paula Wallmon, Swedish Medical Association

Telephone: +4658185065




Closing date for applications



Applications must include a complete CV. Applicants who reach the interview stage must present certificates, testimonials, degree diplomas and other relevant documents during the interview.


About the organisation

Region Örebro County is one of the countys largest employers and an important driving force for regional growth. We are working to promote human health, safety, well-being, and the development of the county. We offer stimulating, pivotal positions within healthcare, dental care, public transport, culture, and industrial development. We are working together to create a better life for everyone.


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We have already made our media choice for this recruitment process and we therefore do not require any advertising offers or recruitment assistance.

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